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The Green Children Foundation believes in highlighting positive solutions that are making a real difference for the less fortunate.

The Green Children Foundation

About Us

Milla Sunde and Marlow Bevan established The Green Children Foundation to help raise funds and awareness for those in need. In 2005, they traveled to Bangladesh and visited Grameen Bank, known as ‘the bank for the poor’. It was here they met Professor Muhammad Yunus, who is the father of the ‘microcredit’ movement.

After meeting so many empowered poor women, they were inspired to get more involved. The Green Children Foundation is designed to help shine a light on the positive people and solutions that are making a real difference in the world.

To this date, the foundation has supported a new eye care hospital in Bangladesh, student scholarships, new microfinance projects, orphaned children and animals in need. For more information please check out ‘Our Projects’.

Milla Sunde.

Milla Sunde is a professional singer and songwriter currently residing in Los Angeles. She was born and raised on the west coast of Norway, in a small town called Alesund.

As the lead singer of The Green Children, she is strong believer in the power of music and has always felt a duty to use her voice as a tool in the aid of great causes.

Marlow Bevan.

Marlow Bevan is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter. He met Milla Sunde at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, a school jointly established by Sir Paul McCartney.

After partnering to write a song, the pair have been busy working together ever since. Marlow’s home is Warwick, a medieval town in central England. Together, Marlow and Milla share a great passion for music and humanitarianism.


Vidar Jorgensen.


The Green Children Foundation is proud to have Vidar Jorgensen as a member of it’s board. Vidar is the Chairman of the World Health Care Congress and majority owner of seven health care industry focused research and conference companies, which in turn own and manage over 300 conferences.


In 2008, Vidar established Grameen America in Queens, New York. For more information please visit their website, He resides in Concord, Massachusetts with his wife Kathy. They have three adult children Lorens, Nicholas and Kristen.

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