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Peace4Kids provides programs and services for foster and at-risk youth from ages 5-18, and after they transition to adulthood until age 24. Peace4Kids is truly on the front lines in addressing the needs of foster and at-risk youth in the South Los Angeles neighborhoods of Watts, Willowbrook and Compton. Peace4Kids is dedicated to empowering foster and at-risk youth by providing community as family. They create a strong foundation through programs focused on creative expression and life skills, allowing kids to discover their unique voice and limitless potential for success.

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SOS Children’s Villages

We recently began supporting the work of SOS Children’s Villages. We believe in helping the weakest in society and providing children with safety and opportunity.

Children, who cannot be cared for by their biological families are supported by family-based carers either with foster families or within SOS Children’s Villages. SOS families provide individualised care to promote the development, education and health of each child. In partnership with communities we develop local infrastructure and run kindergartens, day care centres, schools, vocational training centres and medical facilities. We provide over 80,000 children and youth with family-based care.

To find out how you can support an Orphan, please visit their official website: Click Here


We are proud to be supporting the amazing work of PAWS (Protection of Animal Welfare Society), who are tackling the huge problem of homeless dogs and cats in Mauritius.

PAWS aims to improve the lives of companion animals in Mauritius and assist in humanely managing the population of dogs and cats via education and sterilization. Their goal is to prevent and eliminate all cruelty to all animals whether arising through ignorance, neglect or deliberate cruelty.

We recently visited Mauritius and were overcome by the number of suffering animals we saw. This is a problem that should not exist and can actually be solved if the correct steps are taken and supported.

Learn much more on their official website: Click Here

The Grameen Green Children Eye Hospital













The Grameen Green Children Hospital was opened on May 12, 2008 and is working towards giving 10,000 people their sight back per year. With over 1.6 million people blind, Prof. Yunus saw the urgent need for a new hospital and spoke with us about it during our first visit to Grameen Bank. As part of the Nobel Peace Prize celebrations, we sold a CD/DVD package in stores throughout Norway. Through sales and donations from around the world we managed to raise the necessary funds for the first hospital.


The hospital performs simple operations for the poor of Bangladesh who have gone blind due to cataracts. Importantly, the hospital was created as a sustainable model, which covers it costs by charging a small amount for it’s operations. People are only asked for what they can afford and those with nothing receive treatment for free. We believe this type of sustainable ‘social business’ is a great framework for the helping poor people in the long term.


Supporting Whole Planet Foundation













We believe in giving the poor opportunity, microloans (microcredit) allow the poor to develop their small businesses and bring themselves out of poverty. Why loans? When the small loan is repaid, the money can then be lent to another poor person. The objective of micro-finance is to create a long-term solution for the poor, which becomes sustainable and doesn’t rely on recurring donations. Millions of women have been empowered through microcredit. The poor have great ability, but they lack opportunity.


We are proud to have supported the work of Whole Planet Foundation, who have successfully established new Micro-finance Institutions all over the world. They have done this by working closely with Prof. Yunus and Grameen.



Green Children Scholarships


During our trips to Bangladesh we met many children of the Grameen Bank borrowers. It was incredible to hear them speaking English and listen to their passion for education.


We are supporting a program run by Grameen Shikkha (Education) which provides scholarships to talented but underprivileged children. These scholarships support students of different ages allowing them to fulfill their potential. We are currently supporting 100 student scholarships. Many are studying in higher education to become Doctors, Engineers, Teachers and Lawyers.

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